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I see .zip is only on 224mb. I have played your Tutor projects and it took like 5+ hours to see all content. How long this game designed for?

P.s. Thank you for your's Tutor games, they are beautiful! And sry for my "so-so" eng)

It's about 1/3 of the tutor games (I think) but with multiple paths. 

PS: Thank you for your feedback and I'm glad to hear you enjoyed my works. Hope you like Dr. Sue too.


I was playing, kinks and all, and then I got one of the endings and I was like... What the F happened here?

It was a funny twist, but... I don't know if I really liked the twist for reasons.

It's a fun game, don't get me wrong.

Which ending did you get?


Divine Justice

Ah, yes. I think that one is a bit tricky. But there are clues to understand it in the other endings. Or if you want you could ask me on discord and I could let you know what I was thinking.


you have ben bussy 3 games finished dope

They are finished a while ago, I just never thought about tagging them like that before. But thanks, have you played them?


i played a good while ago. Them all a while back, really entertaining games. I really like tutor, the others i played a bit of before they where finished. 

I also check in on tutor 2 every now and then.