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Would be nice if the player could change Mr. Tomic's name.

Rubi is fun though I hope you add an NTR kill switch option.  Don't like Ronny touching my girl <3  Would push him into on coming traffic if possible :P

Besides that it's a fun game!

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Have you seen both scenes with the nice young boy called Ronny? And I'll think about your suggestion ;)

Thanks for the praise, great to hear you like the game.

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I have not.  Seen him coming on to Rubi and told him to buzz off and told her not to sacrifice herself to "save" me.  Then seen him again at the park molesting her and blackmailing her into service even after I just said not to do precisely that.  That to me isn't "a nice young boy"

If there is some option to hand her over to him I wouldn't want it.  Sharing might be caring but I don't care to share with other guys.


These are the two I was talking about. And you are right he is a spoiled brat. And Rubi is too naive to see that. But I plan to end that storyline... (hope you will like that too.)

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Not sure if she is naive when coercion is involved.  She does love the MC and would do crazy things for him (no matter how that special kink plays out I find it a load of fun XD even if I would blow a load in both her and Wanda)  

Looking forward to more story.  Hopefully there is an option to never let Ronny get laid again >_<

Oh, I did come across a minor error
File "game/script.rpy", line 10719
if oviumlike == "sub" not defined

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I think I found the problem. Thanks for the report. It will be fixed in the next update but unfortunately not without a new start...

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Cute little game, fucking Fler in front of her mom was hot.


Thank you. Always good to hear compliments.

Hey, keep it up!


I am. the next Update is almost ready. 

That was a hell of a content update, the threeway was hot AF


Glad you enjoy it. And thank you for the kind words. By the way, who's your favourite?

Just played through v0.2, 4 small writing notes for ya; sure doesn't have an h in it. Capitalize your I's, there is a scene with Beryl where you spell interesting with 2 S's, and there's a few times you spelled learn as lear. That's all I spotted on my quick "playthrough". Overall feels very fast paced, but I'm looking forward to seeing if this goes anywhere. Keep it up!

Thank you for the pointers to my bad spelling. It's good to hear you liked it. Any favourites among the girls?


Well I would like to see more of Rubi, but with whats in right now Beryl is who I'm liking most.

Have you seen the new stuff? Both Rubi and Beryl have had some more scenes. 


Not yet, been busy with work. I play to check it out sometime this week

u play as male charater or female ?

Male. It's not that obvious jet...