I am once again asking for your opinion.

Hello there,

first I'd like to say that I'm working on the next update, but it will still be a while.

Next I have another question, who do you like the least? https://strawpoll.com/ye3awc5kv

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Have a great time and enjoy yourselfes

    your humble smutprovider


PS: There is also the discord server where you can find me and other players, if you'd like to. https://discord.gg/Tjs3SrP2Cg

Get Tutor 2: Still hard at work


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Ugh, just voted and checked the current results. Atm my 2 favorites are the 2 least liked, smh. Small vote pool though, only 38 atm.


That's why there are 7 of them, and if I managed to do it they all are (at least a bit) different. Which one is your favourite if I might ask?


Honestly kind of a coin toss between Erica and Sofia. I like Sofia's scenes more but as a character/person Erica would be the winner. Also, since I have you, 1) love both games. 2) are you planning to cover what happened between both games, or should we just assume/infer and move on?


There could be a few more things that are remembered/ dreamed of, but I don't plan to tell everything that happened. So you'd like to see Erica in Sofia's position? :D

And most of all, thanks for your kind words. I'm happy I could bring you some joy.


Something similar, but more like in between Sofia's position and the first scenes from the first game for Erica, the paths where you take the lead that is. Something in between those levels.


I think I know what you mean. I'll keep it in mind, no promises though.


Just a small complaint/suggestion.

When you do a poll like this it's good to also ask "why?"

Like, you mark the character you dislike the most and explain why. That's more constructive than just knowing who's more disliked.


But that is my sinister plan. People that want to share that can do it here, on Twitter or in my discord. But those that would rather stay anonymous can participate too. So if you (or anyone else) would like to share their reasons to dislike then please feel free to do so. Even without me asking.