Your chance to influence the story!

Hello there,

I was asking myself if you guys would like to see some new girls (propably with much less story attatched to them).

So if you have an opinion on that please participate in the poll.

Thanks for your time.

Your humble smutprovider


PS: Right now there are no concrete plans for new girls, I'm only asking to see what you think.

PSS: Work on the next update is coming along nicely. :D

Get Tutor 2: Still hard at work


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it would make since to do, as one or more of the girls are no longer in school, so he needs to make up the income loss somewhere

But on the other hand he has Wanda (his daughter's mother) who's loaded and paying for food and providing free living space.


True but I don't see him being someone that would like to be beholden to someone else income. But I could be wrong depending on the route you want to take this story. Either way I'm loving the games, they are over the top but very enjoyable because of that.

Thanks, I was aiming for an exaggerated and fun experience. It's always great to hear that my games bring joy to others. And one more thing, do you have a favourite girl? :D

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Yes and no, I like all of the Characters. But I'm more fond of Wanda she feels more down to earth and not overly exaggerated. She strikes a nice balance to the story.