You want any of the girls to take with you? Wallpapers for your phone!

Hello there,

as expected I'm unfortunately not able to work much on the next update. It will come but please be patient, to help you waiting I finished a pack of wallpapers that you can use on your phone. 

I hope you are all doing good and enjoy your time on this planet.

Your humble smutprovider



Wallpapers Tutor 2 - Phone.rar 22 MB
Apr 29, 2021

Get Tutor 2: Still hard at work


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Aye! Keep up the good work! But many of us understand the important of daily lives. I know not many people will say it but you do good work. Then there are developers like me (I say that but I don't have any games out yet) who really understand the challenge it can come with. Rather it's Renpy, RPG Maker, Unity, etc... We know that it can be a pain in the ass with rendering or drawing things up. Especially story-wise. So take your time! We'll be waiting! And good luck!


Thank you for your kind words.