v0.9 is ready! Get it while it's hot!

Was it worth the wait? Find out! I wish you much fun with the newest version of my game.

IMPORTANT: I changed some mechanisms in the script. You might get errors (or if you had errors in the last update) Please start a new game. And tell me what errors you get and where so I can correct them.

As always have fun and enjoy!

Your humble smutprovider



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Jun 11, 2020

Get Tutor: Teaching hard or hardly teaching? (finished)


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Kick him in the nuts!  Fun choice though it's a shame Rubi didn't join in...


Did you expect her to?


It would have been funnier that way XD Especially with how he treated her before.  If it didn't cancel the date it would have been best choice!


Really love this update. I have to say that I really like how the principal's story is going. Can't wait for more!

Great to hear. Any thoughts on the rest? Unfortunately you will have to wait for the next update, but I'm already on it. ;)


I like how every girl gets some attention in every update and the progress is really nice considering how quickly every update is released. Maybe some more scenes including Erica. I also like when the girls get new outfits, it makes the scenes feel really refreshing. If I could give you some pointers, I'd love to see more mother+daughter scenes and maybe a bit more renders during sex scenes, since sometimes text doesn't match what's happening on the screen (although it would probably take more development time). But all in all I love the game as it is and hope for much more to come.

Thank you!