It has been a long time but v 1.0 is here!

Finally. It feels like ages ago that I released the last update. And now it's done.

I hope you like it. Please tell me what you think of my game (regardles if you like it or not)

Have fun

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Jul 28, 2020

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Your game is great, congratulations and thank you so much !

Thank you so much. It's great to get feedback like yours!


Love your game. It was a nice compact game. I deeply hope for part 2.

Thank you. And the chances of a sequel are high. But I need a bit of a pause first.


Overall this was a fun game though Wanda and Rubi ending with a blowjob seems less then a full finally.  An ending where the player got both of them would have also been nice.  Maybe that's just me wanting to see them off with a creampie :D

Turning down the other two girls gave a fun ending.

Not sure about the other milfs though I guess that adds to Replay Value.

NephremKa has an adorable cat like grin at the end lol

Sequel sounds interesting though with the possible endings don't know which will be considered cannon...

Not sure what happen to the Mayor's son, that must have been when hell of a kick to the balls as his existence fades from memory :P

Other things
* Adding some music to the game would have been nice.  Helps set the mood for the scenes and improves the overall experience.  Even royalty free music would have worked.

* A Gallery would have been nice.  Scene Replay does have it's benefits especially if I'm a completionist trying to figure out if I seen all the girl's scenes.

* Adding your name in the About section as Developer would be nice though you do say report errors to your Twitter account.


Thank you for your thoughts. 

Thank you for your kind words about my self-insert character. I thought this might be a better way than anything else.

As for the cannon in the sequel: I have to think about that myself. But I have made a note that I should summarize what happened "in cannon".

And about Ronny, if he disappeared after the kick then you missed out on the storyline with the principal.

About a galery: I'm not that good at programming and I have no idea how to do that (even after some tutorials). I suspect that when a programmer sees my coding he'll get a heartattack.

My name in the developer section? Isn't NephremKa enough? :(

Again thanks for playing and for your comment.


Developer: NephremKa
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You made a nice game so don't be afraid to advertise.  Probably could have made some money if you paid polled some sex scenes along with waifu polls (people will pay to defend a good waifu)   ;P Though that might have kept this going for much longer since fans always want more of a good game...

I'm pretty sure Renpy has Gallery Settings built in but you need to compartmentalize the scenes in labels and write up the display.
if renpy.seen_label("familyyes"):
imagebutton auto "images/thumbnails/familyyes_%s.png" action Replay("familyyes")

hover, idle

If it wasn't seen yet then a locked image.  Though instead of auto you probably would just want idle.

That reads Data off a persistent save.  If you wanted to offer a Full Gallery Cheat then a bit of code to populate the Persistent Dictionary
$["familyyes"] = True

Might need to throw a few more variables in persistent for replay purposes or use something like
if _in_replay:
To define some variables needed for the scene.  Though variable management might make this unnecessary.

I doubt a heart-attack, for Renpy it seems fine, sure some optimization could be done (ie use more labels for scenes) but I wouldn't sweat the small stuff.  You never learn unless you try.

Yeah I probably did miss the Principle's storyline, along with several others.  Went for Rubi and was happy with her ending though would have liked to went out with a bang inside and possibly an ominous warning about having more children.  Wanda didn't seem to have the happy housewife ending as I told Rubi no just to see what would happen.  But as I said earlier added Replay-ability.