Be patient please, I'm still writing on the next update.

But it's going to take a while. I had to rewrite big parts a few times since I didn't like them.

The next update will come and I plan to finish the game in that update. ( But I'm already writing notes for a Part II)

Have a picture of Rubi in a "Slut" outfit that might never make it's way into the game as a way to overcome the wait.

Thanks for reading

    your humble smutprovider


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Please do take your time, especially since this will be the last update. I think it will be greatly appreciated by everyone if it will be well written. At the same time please don't overthink it and overwork yourself. We can all wait a while.


Thank you so much. It means a lot to me.


No problem. I know you may feel compelled to keep working on this game all day and keep us informed all the time, but remember that it's also ok to take a break for yourself. Working on the same thing all the time can really burn you out and no one will benefit from that. With that being said I'm glad you continue working on this game. After the thread on F95 died I was positively surprised to see you still going. I just hope you have as much fun developing this game as we have playing it.


Usually I have lots of fun writing this game. But then there are phases where I can't get something that I am satisfied with. But yes I enjoy making this game and hearing that others like it too makes me really happy.


Glad to hear that. Now all I can say is that I will be patiently waiting for the final update and hopefully part 2.