Thinking about the next game.

Hi guys,

I was thinking about my next game and I have some ideas. Actually for more than one game.

So if you like you can help me decide the next game.

Would you like:

-a true sequel (Niko as MC)

-a spin off (Not one continuous story but more like little storys of the other characters. Fler and Beryl's study meetings for example)

-some completely new game (new characters, new studio for the screens see the picture above)

Vote here:

Thanks for your attention

   your humble smutprovider


PS: Voting would really help. Thanks if you did ;)

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I would love to see a True Sequal. 

Already working on it. :D The straw poll was very convincing.


Definitely a True Sequel.

Noted. Thanks for the answer.


i like game story series that follow an MC toon through life 

So a sequel to continue Niko's story?