Thinking about the next game. P2


I was changing some things on the girls. And I was thinking I should ask you how you feel about the changes.

Please let me know what you think. Or if you want the older outfits and hairstyles back.

Thanks for reading

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I really like the new outfits, it's nice to see the girls in something different, but I think that Lia would look better in different top. Also Beryl could use a change, maybe a dress or something similar? I also like the changed hairstyles, it's a nice touch.


Thanks for the compliments. I want to keep Lia in "business" clothes but now they are a bit less formal. (But a dinner dress is planned.) Beryl I have to try to put in a dress. Thanks for the suggestion.


Played around a bit and got something new for Beryl. 


It looks really good, fits her nicely, even better than a dress probably. I'm glad you made the change.

Me too. And I am glad you agree. Thanks again for the suggestion.